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Nail art for grown ups

I remember the days in middle school as a teenager, playing with my nails using Tipp-Ex. Don’t deny it. We’ve all tried it once. From there a vast collection of crazy coloured nail polish grew but has only remained on my toes since our school did not allow us to wear nail polish to class. Except on Fridays which was free dress. I felt like such a rebel when I painted my toes, ha!

These days, wherever you look, the biggest trend for nails now is experimentation. Nail art has grown, with a cult following blogging their latest creations. They’re beautiful but I just don’t have the time. Perhaps one weekend when I have a few hours to play and be a little silly (away from my husband who raises his nose in disgust when he smells nail polish bless him) I will attempt a little piece of art on my digits. For a little guidance (and for my future reference), here is a selection of options for nail art. Don’t worry, they’ve become a lot more sophisticated than Tipp-Ex.

Wrapping – If you’re new to nail art, I suggest getting a wrap. These are sheets of pre-designed pre-cut sticky paper which you apply onto bare nails, twist and cut, file and slather with a clear top coat. They can last up to two weeks and there is less risk of chipping. Plus they come in a range of amazing designs. Sally Hansen  and Nail Rock have easy-to-apply ranges.

The Modern Mani – It is about two tones. Think French manicure with a twist. Find two colours that you adore which go well together. Pastels. Dark. Bold. Anything. Just as long as you can live with it/matches what you’re wearing. Apply one colour as the base and then the other complement as the bright tip (the smile line of the manicure). Quite easy to do and fun, and cheap as you can already choose among the nail polishes you already have.

Stick Ons – Gems, patterns, tattoos, you name it. There is a whole load of it out there. Apply on bare or painted nails, on each one or on one finger on each hand, your choice. There are kits out there which allow you to play with all kinds of designs. Fun for a girly night in. Or even to stitch up a male friend while he is sleeping. Ha! This is just a bit too much for me personally, I prefer some subtle print on my nails rather than full bling rhinestones but everyone has a different taste.

Click here for rhinestones, Nail and Toe Art Kits, and Nail Tattoos

Nail craft – Requires a lot more creativity and creating & drying time. This is about creating a design from scratch using all kinds of medium, a variety of nail polishes, gemstones, dust, etc. If you require some visual inspiration, visit http://fuckyeahnailart.tumblr.com/ or http://goddamnawesomenailart.tumblr.com - There are some really creative people out there. Use a nail art pen to draw patterns or cheat by using a paint and stencil kit. A lot of these are available online or in Boots. And yes, go over the top if you wish, it is your little piece of art after all.


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