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Taylor Taylor London - the best hairdressers in the city

There is a gem of a hair salon in London that I’m glad that I’ve stumbled upon. In search for a place where I was comfortable enough to trust them with a haircut after a few bad experiences in the city, I found Taylor Taylor, one of the most beautiful and brilliant hairdressers I’ve ever been to.

The reviews about them online were great (I like to do my research before I try), and people have written great things about their stylists & beauticians plus I was so intrigued by the interiors of the place (hippest hair and beauty venue where cocktails and sweets are all part of the service) that I needed to go at least once. I can tell you know, after my haircut yesterday, I’m never going to another hairdresser again.

Noted as the original boutique hair salon and voted London’s Best Hair Dresser in the London Lifestyle Awards 2011 (they’re in the running again in 2012), featured in various magazines and with creative hand in the styles for those in the fashion and music industry, I knew they would be the ones I could turn to. Though slightly daunted by their allocates, I was completely reassured by their friendliness when I booked. Taylor Taylor has 2 salons, the first in Commercial Street and the second in Cheshire Street. The one I went to is on Commercial Street right near Spitafields market which is a great location for restaurants and boutique shops. Like the general area of E1, the place is eclectic, edgy, young, floral yet modern with a mix of Parisian charm crossed with bohemian chic. I would have loved to have lived in E1 at least once in my life. This fantastic mix of styles and tastes extends to the salon, with their high chandeliers, unique boutique chairs, floral and metallic prints, and tall mirrors. It reminded me of the type of boudoir you would step into if you were in a French film or in a Vogue advert, sexy and beautiful in an effortless way. What was even better was that things felt casual and friendly, you didn’t feel turned off by any of the staff because there was not one bit of snobbery there which you can get from some high street salons. When I entered I was greeted with a smile, asked if I wanted a cocktail (French martini, yes please!) and given some time to relax before my appointment. That is when I met the cutest little face, George, their resident fashionista pooch. He just rocked up the staircase, jumped on the couch beside me and sat down while I enjoyed my drink. He owned the place, you could see, and everyone adored him. I was glad I got to pet him a few times before I had to head down. Taylor Taylor already clocking up more points in the “making you feel welcome category”! Little cute dogs are so dangerous and win you over hands down.

My stylist Mikaela was wonderful. She could tell that I wasn’t ready for a full make over and really listened to what I wanted which was a general fix up of my current style. As we chatted while she cut my hair, she offered some great advice on what I could do to achieve the look that I wanted in the future and how I can improve the general health of my hair. My hair has been so dry after using the wrong shampoos and conditioners and the general ill treatment I’ve given it due to all the outdoor activities I’ve been involved in – sun, sand, sea, wind and rain – hasn’t helped it much. I would definitely go again and ask specifically for Mikaela, without a doubt and hope to do a few treatments via their beauticians as well. I know I would be a whole lot braver too next time as I know the stylists there really listen and understand what style would work best for you. Shorter maybe? Or keep the length and get a few waves in for some texture perhaps? One thing that is for sure, I’m so glad that I gave them a go.

So if you’re looking for a change and want a better experience from an amazing hairdresser, book with Taylor Taylor.

Taylor Taylor London
137 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BJ
T 0207 377 2737 (Reception open from 10 am daily)
W www.taylortaylorlondon.com
Twitter @taylortaylorpr


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Sad to see Butterfly Boutique go

The Butterfly Boutique in London was a real inspiration to me. A business created by a woman who ventured forward on her own from the corproate world. She wanted to create a place of style, class, and beauty - an oasis in the hectic mad city. View article here: http://urbangypsyscreed.tumblr.com/search/Butterfly

Sadly this email was released this morning and I have to admit, I feel incredibly sad and moved by the founder’s situation. I wish her the best, in both life and health, that she recovers and remains strong. She is a true inspiration and her creation will be missed. I thought what she had done was brilliant, her team there fantastic. I only hope that someday she will be strong once again:

Dear M,

Firstly I’d like to thank you for your loyal custom to Butterfly. As you know I started Butterfly nearly 3 years ago when I felt there was a gap in the market for busy women to get themselves styled quickly by expert hair and make-up artists. Starting at the depths of recession was always a big risk and I feel proud that we’ve managed to sustain the business for this amount of time in the deepest economic downturn since the 1920s.

Unfortunately 2012 has not been a good year for us. It started with 2 floods, the wettest Q2 since records began and now, just as we started to turn the corner, I have had to step away from my business due to ill health. I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and while we’ve managed to keep going while I’ve had surgery, due to my fantastic team, it’s not possible to keep running as my treatment continues. I had hoped to be able to sell the business but time has been against me. So with immediate effect, we will no longer be trading.

Butterfly has been the most wonderful experience for me and I have enjoyed so much making so many women look and feel fabulous. If you would like to contact any of the expert hair and make-up artists from Butterfly past or present, please do email me at info@butterfly-london.com.

Thank you all so much for your custom, generous comments and for making my dream become a reality over this time. I wish you good health, happiness and a successful future.

With best wishes,


Louisa Barnett, Founder

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